TANTRUM x FUDO Heavy Tackle Trolling Hooks

Tantrum x FUDO

Heavy Tackle Trolling HOOKS

The Hooks

In late 2019, FUDO was approached by TANTRUM Lures founder Nick Durham, who had a vision for a new hook based on his very successful career fishing the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, Kona, Hawaii and beyond. After several months of discussions, planning, and highly successful field testing in Kona, Hawaii, production commenced. After a few months of production, TANTRUM x FUDO Heavy Tackle Hooks were officially born, ready to tackle the 2020 big game season.

The Shape

A classic shape with the perfect openness in gape that is aimed towards hookups both inside-out roof and outside-in around the jaw hinge. 

The Point

The unique plough point is lethal – the razor sharp tip is sticky and the flattened back and sides of the point assist with grasp and drive the point in cleanly. The slightly turned in point and point-to-shank length ratio results in a direction of pull that will drive the point home, with a perfectly sized barb to keep it in place.

The Shank

The needle eye creates a low profile and you’ll love the slim transition from cable to hook!

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