The FUDO Super Ocean Hook Difference

Fudo Super Ocean Hooks

FUDO Super Ocean Hooks (formerly known as FUDO X-Strength), represent the strongest and most capable big game hooks on the market. Commercial-grade hooks through and through, FUDO Super Ocean Hooks are built to withstand long, drawn out battles with large gamefish; grander marlin, ornery swordfish and dozer tuna. FUDO Super Ocean Hooks provide peace of mind for anglers chasing that fish of a lifetime. When chasing the largest and strongest fish in the ocean, the hook serves as the most critical link between angler and fish. These are the hooks you wish you had at the end of the line that "one time." 

In 2005, the fish hook was chosen by Forbes Magazine as one of the top 20 tools in the history of man.

The Material

Once the material has been sourced, it is cut to length before creating the point and barb.

It all starts with the hook's material. FUDO sources premium-grade Japanese stainless steel for all Super Ocean hooks, in all sizes. The material is thoughtfully sourced by knowledgeable procurement specialists.

The steel used in FUDO Super Ocean Hooks is naturally very strong and rust resistant but not brittle. Importantly, steel is cold forged which increases the density of the stainless steel.

The quality of the material is apparent when a FUDO hook is inspected.

Hook Diameter

All Super Ocean Hooks use upsized wire gauge (7/0 uses 8/0 wire diameter, etc.), essentially adding an extra 0.25mm of thickness. While this adds an extra 15% weight to the hook, it is not a significant increase, given the additional strength realized.

The extra material is noticeable when compared to competitors' products but it does not present any differently when fished, nor is such a hook overkill when chasing smaller fish. These hooks are perfectly suitable when fishing for meat or leisure.


FUDO Super Ocean Curved Needle Eye Hooks organized in factory after forming the wire.

Heat Treatment

FUDO Super Ocean Southern Tuna Hooks in staging before final heat treatment.

FUDO HOOKS receive a special heat treatment and tempering that ensures superior strength in the final product. While, many of the processes used to produce these hooks are proprietary, FUDO adjusts the time and temperature for the tempering process to achieve desired result. This is a process that FUDO has perfected over time and results in a consistent and reliable product, across the entire range.

Passivation Treatment

Once the hook has been fully constructed, it is put through a passivation treatment to remove contamination and impurities on the surface and add additional corrosion resistance in the form of of a passive chromium/nickel oxide layer that acts as a barrier to harsh conditions that saltwater fishing presents.


FUDO Super Ocean Curved Needle Eye Hooks organized in factory after forming the wire.