Why Buy From Dealers?

Buying from FUDO Dealers

FUDO Fishing's goal is to produce and distribute the finest big game fishing hooks for anglers around the globe. To accomplish this, we sell FUDO HOOKS to dealers via our wholesale channel and on our website. While we do offer our hooks to consumers via this website, we make every effort to refer customers to our retailers that have invested in the FUDO brand. We firmly support retail, whether it is online or physical retail. We have history in fishing retail and know the value it brings to anglers.

While it is very common for manufacturers to sell direct to consumer, we think there are a lot of advantages that go along with buying from our dealers:

1) Expanded lineup of tackle beyond big game hooks.

2) Expanded expertise that you will not find on this website.

3) Regular operating hours and dedicated customer support.

4) Tackle stores offer priceless local knowledge.

5) Potential to bundle purchase for better package deals.

FUDO has decided to work with select dealers that share our passion for high quality products, along with a great emphasis on customer satisfaction. With this, we kindly ask our customers to check out our dealers page and consider buying from them.