Gordo HD Circle

FUDO Gordo Circle Hooks are designed for tournament anglers who seek to catch large billfish, and are named after Cabo's legendary Gordo Bank, where many Bisbee's Black & Blue-winning fish have been caught through live baiting. These hooks are inline and purpose-built for withstanding battles with massive gamefish, from strike to end game on the wire.

Made from premium carbon steel, the extra heavy construction of these hooks enables them to withstand the strength and power of huge gamefish. The hooks are razor sharp, and their tips are reinforced with special forging to ensure uniform strength throughout the hook. The welded eyes of the hooks allow for easy snelling.

The Gordo Circle Hooks are highly resistant to rust, thanks to a special matte black finish and proprietary clear coat protectant. This means that they can be reused throughout a tournament.

Size Gape Height Wire Diameter
16/0 23.37mm 58.42mm 4.19mm
18/0 27.94mm 69.85mm 4.83mm
20/0 31.75mm 79.38mm 5.33mm
22/0 39.37mm 98.43mm 6.0mm

Sale price$ 302.00
Hook Size: 16/0
Number of Hooks: 2