Curved "Pa'a" Needle Eye

SKU: FD-001N-072
Sale price$12.99
Hook Size: 7/0 (2 Pack)


The FUDO “Pa’a” Curved Needle Eye Hook is our signature shape for which we became recognized in the big game fish hook market, serving primarily as OEM producer of this style. This standard gauge stainless steel hook starts with a needle eye, enabling a very smooth transition from leader/cable to hook body. Featuring an aggressive bend, excellent balance, and conical point, this sticky sharp hook facilitates solid (or in Hawaiian, “Pa’a”) hookups on billfish, tuna, and more. Available in sizes 7/0 through 12/0.


Size Throat Length Gape Width Total Length
8/0 36mm 22mm 69mm
9/0 42mm 25mm 76mm
10/0 47mm 29mm 81mm
11/0 51mm 31mm 90mm
12/0 56mm 35mm 100mm