Super Ocean Kona Cut Needle Eye Hooks

SKU: FDX-006N-072
Sale price$15.99
Size: 7/0 (2 Pack)


The FUDO Super Ocean Kona Cut Needle Eye hook was born out of extensive field testing by the Kona, Hawaii charter fleet over the last few seasons. They feature a moderate bend, between a Grander Curved and Hays Hook with a flattened inside barb and unique outside double angled cutting point, resulting in a hook that is extremely sticky and sharp. The flattened barb guides the hook in whilst the obverse cutting point drives the hook home. While a traditional knife edge point can tear flesh when hooking, this design works the opposite because of the flattened inner barb.

This is a proven design that was tested by top Kona Captains and FUDO Pro Staff such as Tracy Epstein on (, Capt. Mat Bowman ( and Capt. Sam Choy Jr. ( For years, captains and crew would take production hooks and emulate such an outside cutting point but tooling would often overheat the hook material, render it brittle, and result in broken tips.

This is the most custom hook FUDO has produced; only two craftsmen in the FUDO factory are skilled enough to shape the outside cutting point by hand. Like all FUDO Hooks, the Super Ocean Kona Cut Needle Eye hook is made one at a time and features premium Japanese stainless steel material. Available in needle eye configuration, sizes 7/0-12/0.


Size Throat Length Gape Width Total Length
7/0 36mm 22mm 62mm
8/0 41mm 26mm 71mm
9/0 46mm 32mm 80mm
10/0 52mm 33mm 87mm
11/0 57mm 38mm 102mm
12/0 61mm 40mm 110mm