Super Ocean Kona Cut Needle Eye Hooks

The FUDO Super Ocean Kona Cut Needle Eye hook, born from rigorous testing in Kona, Hawaii, features a moderate bend between a Grander Curved and Hays Hook. It boasts a flattened inside barb and a unique double-angled cutting point for enhanced hooking. Top Kona Captains and FUDO Pro Staff, including Tracy Epstein, Capt. Mat Bowman, and Capt. Sam Choy Jr., have endorsed this design.

Previously, similar modifications often resulted in overheating and brittle materials. The Super Ocean Kona Cut Needle Eye hook is FUDO's most customized offering, handcrafted by two skilled artisans in their factory, using premium Japanese stainless steel. Available in needle eye configurations from 7/0 to 12/0.

Sale price$15.99
Size: 7/0 (2 Pack)